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  1. You are free to use any drawing or commentary for noncommercial purposes, provided that you tell people they are from Since the text in the picture does that, you're all set unless you have to modify the picture for some reason.
  2. You can make only these modifications to the pictures:
    • Removing the border and the "" text (provided, of course, that you notify people of the source by other means).
    • Re-coloring the image. If you have to do this, you might start with one of the line-art versions provided.
    • Resizing, provided that the resulting image is the same shape. Text within the image may also be resized, or adjusted, provided that the result achieves the same intent.
    • Translation of any text, provided that the translation is as close to my intent and tone as practicable. (If you're not sure of my intent or tone, please ask.)
  3. You aren't allowed to use my art for commercial purposes without prior permission. To me, "commercial purposes without permission" means that your aim is to profit specifically from my art, which is my perogative, without sharing with me.
    • If you occasionally reprint a comic of mine, you probably don't have a problem even if your publication is commercial. Occasional reprints usually would not constitute profiting specifically from my comic.
    • If your publication is commercial and you are printing every comic in order create an attraction based upon their presence, you are using my comics for advertising to your profit, so you have to have my permission.
    • If your publication is commercial and you are creating a compendium, or mirror, of my comics, you have to have my permission.
  4. The commentary is separate (and separable) from the comic: You don't have to reproduce the commentary with the comic. But the commentary is also copyrighted:
    • If you decide to reproduce it with the comic, you must be sure that it is clear that the commentary is mine and not yours.
    • You can reproduce it separately so long as you identify my site as the source, just as with the comic.
Don't let all this scare you. I'm pretty easy-going about all of this: I just don't want you filling your pocket from my effort, claiming my art belongs to you, or publishing my art unattributed so that no one knows who created it.