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The ultra-rich just don't get how the rest of us see them: Monstorous...and still greedy for more.
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How Big Can He Get
(Comic #12 , 09/07/13)
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If someone could actually get this big, he'd probably weigh around 6 tons. That's not as in-apt as one might think: The richest of the ultra-rich, might earn as much as $250 million per year, versus the poorest in this nation, who earn a mere $15,080. If we give the poor person a sample weight of 180 pounds and scale accordingly, then the ultra-rich man earning $250 million annually would weigh around 1,500 tons.

The ultra-rich really have no idea how much their economic power differs from that of the bottom 10%. Instead, they are focused only on greedily acquiring more, more, more...