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Boy did the hawks lose this time.
#13: 09/22/13
How about those hawks?
The ultra-rich just don't get how the rest of us see them: Monstorous...and still greedy for more.
#12: 09/07/13
The ultra-rich only want more!
Obama just can't have been born here in the USA. He just can't. Because he's President and he's a ni... ...I mean, becaues he's bl... ...I mean, because he's not wh... know, because he's a person of co... ...because he just can't be President! ...because, you know, it's just not Right!
#11: 02/02/12
Okay, Obama produced the certificate. Why are they still hanging on?
Constitution, shmonstitution! Lock them all up. I'm sure there's a couple of monsters in there somewhere. So what if they're mostly innocent? That's the price they pay for a free and open society. Anyway, I'm sure they all did something wrong: Torture them and find out what!
#10: 01/15/12
So what if 92 innocents are locked up from every 100?
Abandon all hope ye who enter here.
#9: 12/11/11
The U.S. citizen detainee.
Donkey Point: Every day, at this point, the donkey tries to stop the Right Wing Express. If he's lying here now, don't worry. The idiot will be back tomorrow: Hale, hearty and trying to stop it again.
#8: 07/08/11
Witness the ineffectual donkey, who never wins against the Right Wing Express.
(No caption.)
#7: 03/16/11
Why is the raped woman always guilty until proved innocent?
I caused the Gifford attack? Sorry, I just don't see the connection.
#6: 01/11/11
The Right doesn't see why their violent rhetoric could possibly cause the attack on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.
Miss Norton, please place an order for more pipe tobacco.Also, don't forget to mark the order, "Top Secret Noforn".
#5: 01/09/11
Mr. Munch secretly bills the taxpayers for his tobacco.
Nested nightmares.
#4: 01/09/11
Shows, in nightmare form, how the rich control the Left.